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use of the influx of Europe▓ans. It just

it. "I believe we need to keep trad▓ing with Europe and have easy access to the single market▓. What we are seeing is politics being put before the economy."For Tom

Cridland, a businessman engaged in ready-to-wear imports, a hard exit from the European single market would mean a higher cost."I feel a bit disappointed. Then I hav

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ing up logistic centers in Italy or Portugal. It may cost more," he told Xi▓nhua.On the foreign trade front, as▓ EU accounts for roughly half of Britain's▓ trade volumes, market watchers fear that a Brexit would▓ possibly result in the denial of Britain's

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pean single market.However, May stressed that by embracing Brexit, Britain is abandoning the membership of▓ a single market, but will pursue "greatest p▓ossible access to the single market ▓on a fully reciprocal basis through a comprehensive▓ free trade agreement."EU'S READINESS TO TALKB

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ghbors sounded a sigh of relief that the ▓British government finally rolled out its Brexit plan, and expressed their readiness to embark on the tough journey.European Council President Donald Tusk said on Twitter that May's speech on Brexit was "at le

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ealistic," adding that the 27 other ▓EU members remained united and ready to negotiate."▓Sad process, surrealistic times but at least more ▓realistic announcement on Brexit," said Tusk, who will oversee the negotiations on behalf▓ of the other member states.

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Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier also s▓aid after May's speech that the EU is "ready as soon as UK is. Only notification can kick off negotiations."German Economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel said it's good that there is a bit more▓ clarity on Britain's direction after May's speech, and it

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to move forward quickly and orderly.UNITY WITHIN BRITAIN URGEDTalking about the highly contentious referendum on Brexit, May also called for unity within her country to show respect for democracy.The Sco▓ttish National Party warned that May "must not

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